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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 29, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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know how black people feel. >> thank you very much. ann coulter, bill schulz, an dree hen dribbing son and ter rear sappir. i am greg gutfeld and i will stair at you until you feel uncomfortable. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> bain capital is investment partnership which was formed to invest in start up company and hopefully five to eight years later to harvest them at a significant profit. >> when mitt romney was talking about harvesting and maximizing profits what he was really talking about is a technique of squeezing payrolls. >> bill: it is now out in the open capitalism versus socialism. the socialists are on president obama's side. lou dobbs and i will analyze. >> she should have resigned over that murder of the ambassador in libya because it was her fault that he didn't have adequate security. >> ben stein calling for
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secretary of state clinton to be fired over the libyan assassination. mr. stein will be here. >> he is against safety nets. if you fall, tough luck. that strongly suggests that you wake the [bleep] up. >> bill: also tonight gutfeld and mcguirk will analyze samuel l. jacuzzi's -- jackson's latest poem. >> we're all on his own if romney has his way. >> bill: you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. capitalism vs. socialism. romney vs. obama that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. mother jones possibly one of fidel castro's favorite
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publications put out another old video of mitt romney. >> bain capital is an investment partnership, which was formed to invest in start up companies and ongoing companies, then to take an active hand in managing them and hopefully a to 8 years later to harvest them at a significant profit. we had the consulting resources and management skills and management resources to become actively involved in the companies we invested in to help them realize their potential values. >> bill: even though mother jones is appalled, that's what capitalism is. you grow companies, you make them more profitable. then if you are lucky, you sell them forlights of money. that's the free marketplace. that's capitalism. yeah sometimes the free market system is brutal but it does provide vast opportunity for those willing to work hard and take chances. capitalism has made the u.s.a. the most powerful nation on earth. it's the primary reason that millions of people all over the world are desperate to
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come here. but apparently some who support president obama don't much like capitalism. >> when mitt romney was talking about harvesting and maximizing profits, what he was really talking about is a technique of squeezing payrolls. i mean payrolls are about 70% of the cost structure of most companies. and the easiest way of harvesting products that is profits over the relatively short-term is to squeeze payrolls to get rid of people, to cut benefits to even cut wages. >> bill: that man dr. robert reich is a socialist. always has been. i have known him for years. he doesn't like some american companies maximize products by limiting compensation to workers and controlling their hiring. you don't have to work for them. reich wants guaranteed wages, tenure, all those things that happen' in socialistic
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countries. does president obama believe same things that dr. reich and mother jones magazine believes? the answer is maybe, possibly. but this president obama is far too smart to define himself as a socialist sympathizer, we have no hard data on which to base a definitive opinion. the president certainly wants to control economic outcomes. that's what income redistribution is. and that's a solid, socialist tenet. but so far mr. obama not seized assets. he has, however, taken over the medical care industry but congress gave him the authority to do that. he didn't do it by executive fiat. now i know many of you are going to write to me screaming, screaming in print that barack obama is a raving socialist. you might be right but you will never prove it. the president does want to regulate corporate activity to some extent but after the
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mortgage investment con that led to the terrible recession. we need some federal oversight on financial gang centers. the huge mistake mr. obama is making is that he wants to rub the entire u.s. economy from washington. that has gotten him into big economic trouble. blaming the continuing economic mess on president bush is hollow and cynical. it is the president's policies now that are driving economic results. 45 months is more than enough time to reignite the powerful economic engine. more that be enough time. you can't solve all all all the problems in that time. but you can certainly gain some economic momentum it. that has not happened. here are the facts. median income for american households down about 5,000 bucks in five years. very bad. health insurance premiums up 18% in three years. and going higher under obama care. awful situation. gas prices up 106% since
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mr. obama took office. a complete disationer. national debt up $5.4 trillion under the president and going higher. a catastrophe and while salaries for workers are flat or down, corporate profits are up, signaling more economic imbalance in america. now, it used to be that economic steps like those would doom, doom an incumbent president. that's not happening this year. barack obama is not even conceding that his policies haven't worked. he is essentially saying they will work if you give me four more years. millions of americans seem to be on board with that as the president's poll numbers are higher than most expected. the rasmussen daily tracking poll today has mr. obama up by 1%, 47%, to 46% over mitt romney. in the 11 swing states that will decide the election, rasmussen has the race tied 46% 46%. 3% remain undecided in the
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swing states. that's much closer than most of the other polling which talking points exposed earlier this week as being heavily weighted to the democratic side. we here are putting our trust in rasmussen this year because that outfit was the most accurate polling center in 2008. american society is changing rapidly with social media dominating the lives of many citizens and bitter partisanship on both sides backed by billions of dollars. just today we learned that our pal george soros is ponying up close to $2 million to help the president. that kind of money talks. and what it says will not be complimentary to mitt romney. the governor has the economic stats on his side. but it's clear that he and paul ryan still have not convinced the casual voter that they can improve the economy. mr. romney's moment will come next wednesday in denver when he confronts mr. obama in the first debate. the governor it's the only debate. he must win or he will not
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recover. he has to show that he cares about the folks and that his expertise can return the nation to prosperity while more of barack obama would be a disaster. quite a challenge for romney. the media is heavily rooting for his opponent. the folks are generally fair and they will be watching. whether it's lifetime or after the fact on the net and the folks will make up their own minds. so the governor does have a chance as the drama builds. and that's the memo. next on the run down, lou dobbs will respond. also ahead this evening a devastating "saturday night live" impression of the president. >> remember that movie, the sixth sense? [ laughter ] i'm like the kid in that movie. [ laughter ] i see employed people. [ laughter ] >> bill: we'll be back in a moment.
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american people, that's one of the most confounds parts of all of this is this race between romney and the president. is that the polls reflect just as you said, what you are showing there on economic policy. >> yeah.
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>> the idea that it is this close is once, you know, it's surprising that romney is doing this well. it is surprising that the president is doing this well. it. >> bill: why is it surprising that romney is doing this well? >> because, if you turn on any television set, where there are people who are paying attention to this, somebody has advice about how romney can be doing better. >> bill: all right. >> they talk as if he is 10 points down. bill about bill that's a good point. the media is slapping him around. >> absolutely. >> bill: 40% of the american people, 40% think that barack obama's economic policies have helped this country. now, let's be fair though. they have helped the auto industry. >> yeah. >> bill: you would cede that. >> i would say that they have helped the unions. they have helped fiat. they have helped. >> bill: they have helped g.m. certainly. they paid the money back g.m. and it is certainly making president obama competitive in ohio that he saved the auto industry in all of those jobs that might have been lost. >> i love the way is he fitted
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for that cape. the fact is bankruptcy court could be in the same position. >> people are not -- look. they are not going to get involved with that, right? >> they do not want to deal with the reality. >> bill: jobs weren't interrupted. they are continuing to take home a paycheck. the president is running around saying it's because of me. you have got that poll saying 40% of the people are buying it. but they must -- even this they buy that they are ignoring a 16 trillion-dollar debt which i think is just going to lead us off a cliff. >> they don't want to deal with the reality that that 16 trillion-dollar debt is repeated so offensive it becomes a cliche and burdensome in its own way. that they are children. they are taking the responsibility for their own lives and. >> bill: i think it's going to be quicker than the children. the dollar if this kins is going to be disseminated and savings and investments are going to be. if the president succeeds in winning re-election, raising the capital gains tax, i'm not going to invest as much. i think a lot of people are like me. the economy is continuing.
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all right. so let's get on to mitt romney. he has got to be as confounded as i am over these numbers. now he has got one chance. do you agree with that by the way he has got to do it on wednesday. >> he does have to do it by wednesday. president reagan, then governor reagan had the opportunity to do it in the final debate of that year. he turned it around in the final debate. >> bill: you didn't have all the crazy media that you have now. >> he was not running against the media jimmy carter. that's one important difference. the other part is despite the confusion, the distraction, it is up to governor romney to step forward and i mean galvanize the american public, the voting public. he can't do this by saying that we both care about the middle class. the fact of the matter is, the middle class has been torn to pieces. the republic party isn't acknowledging the social contract and the subcontracts that have been torn to pieces. >> bill: 5,000 in the median
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household. i would have a sign if i were romney just hold that up. you are getting hosed and this guy is doing it. >> romney doesn't even say you know, under george bush when this president is bashing bush, household income rose 18%. >> bill: in the 8 years he was in office. >> absolutely. now half of that has been torn away in three and a half years. >> bill: all right. you are going to make a prediction for me tonight. you think romney is going to do well on wednesday. >> i do think he is going to do well. >> are you rooting for romney by the way? >> at this point i can't bring myself to ask for four more years of this. >> bill: you are rooting for romney. >> just like i said, i can't stand another four years of this. i will will gamble on a different approach. >> bill: there you go. directly ahead, ben stein says hillary clinton should lose her job as secretary of state over the assassination in libya. and later actor samuel l. jackson ranting on behalf of
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, commentator ben stein very angry about the assassination of the american ambassador to libya. earlier this week mr. stein said this about secretary of state hillary clinton. >> she should have resigned over that murder of the ambassador in libya because it was her fault that he didn't have adequate security. >> oh o, you know what? it is a good point. you know, when -- >> -- she is in charge. >> yeah. >> if she screws up, she should resign. >> bill: joining us now from los angeles is ben stein. so, yeah, i mean, you know, in theory, yes, the person who is in charge and obviously the ambassador worked for the state department, hillary clinton was his direct loss. should take the hit for this. but you might make an argument that, you know, look, she is
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all over the world. she is not milk crow managing what is going on in benghazi, libya. the cia might be at fault as well. they should have known and on and on and on. and you say. >> i say that she was being briefed all the time and if she wasn't being briefed if she was declining her intelligence briefing which has been reported on fox then she is at fault for that, too. they had warning after warning. yesterday's "wall street journal" makes it extremely clear how much warning they had, various aassassination attempts, destruction of property attempts, reports from various intelligence sources. they did nothing to protect the ambassador whatsoever. that's wrong. plus, there was the coverup afterwards. immediately afterwards when it was clear that well-armed, well-organized terrorists had done this attack. the state department and ms. rice at the u.n. were still saying and mr. obama were still saying it was spontaneous uprising even though the killers had automatic antiaircraft cannon in which they were raking the building. that's not the kind of thing a person usually carries in his
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pocket. >> bill: rice is taking the heat for that the secretary of the united nations. it will be interesting to see who put her out there and told her to say what she said. >> very interesting. >> bill: possible that she said it on her own. it's not unheard of that a u.n. ambassador would do that most likely somebody said look, you have got to get out there and say x and y. hillary clinton is a very shrewd politician. she didn't say anything inadvertently one way or the other about the attack. i agree with you that the american intelligence agencies had to know it was hot over there in benghazi. certainly we could have done a better job protecting our people i'm not sure that hillary clinton was directly responsible for all of that. i'm saying that because of so much else on her plate. she is racing around in china. got iran. got israel. got all of that kind of stuff. i know i manage a very small operation compared to her. and i don't know what everybody is doing. somebody might come across and say, look, this segment may be
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going down or this person is not doing it and it kind of goes right off my head. so i don't know if beshould be that tough on mrs. clinton. do you think -- go ahead. >> she is a fine woman. she was school mate of mine in law school. she is intelligent woman and definitely a patriot. she is briefed every day on -- by top level intelligence people or as i say if he is not taking the briefing, that's a big mistake, too. they are telling her in great detail in the "wall street journal" yesterday that there were problems very severe problems. the ambassador was recording in his diary. there were death threats against him all the time. if she didn't know that she should have known it. >> she should have known it, okay. shoonchts she is in charge of it. >> bill: that's fair enough. mrs. clinton has to address those questions at some point. do you think she has been a good secretary of state by the way? >> it's very hard to see what she has accomplished. she obviously is working herself ragged. she sex extremely tired all the time from what one sees on tv. she is working terribly hard
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in a difficult situation. i think she is a fine woman, but i think she very badly screwed up in this case and she is the boss. the buck stops with her at the foreign service and the state department. if she doesn't at least offer to resign, something is wrong. i think she should offer possibly mr. obama should say you made a mistake let's go on and try to do better in the future. >> shepard: she would never take resignation. the u.n. ambassador. >> so much worse than the watergate coverup that's a joke. >> bill: that's what a lot of the obama forces are saying this is a coverup because the administration did not want to admit that its anti-terror policies are weak and it has a presidential component to it, election component to it whose those charges are flying. i do not think they are going to get traction with the casual voter. i don't think they will. >> i'm not sure they will or they won't. but it is a very serious matter for a u.s. ambassador to be murdered by terrorists and then have the government
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cover it up for some time afterwards and disagree with the obvious. it was obvious it was on the news immediately after it happened. the administration was pretending it didn't happen. >> bill: ben stein thank you very much. we strongly suspect that ben, because i talked to him about it is going to dial up the big stewart o'reilly debate on saturday october 6th. the rumble in the air conditioned auditorium net cast for $4.95. come on. 4. $9. you can see it -- $4.95. no video coverage out the web site. go to the rumble and know that much of the money generated by the debate will be generated to charity. also creating jobs. plenty of them that weekend. plenty more ahead the factor moves along this evening. both president obama and mitt romney are practicing for the big debate next monday night. gutfeld and mcguirk have tips for both can dance.
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ranting for barack obama. >> schools environment. unions fair pay. we're are all on our own if romney has his way. >> bill: we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: fridays with geraldo segment tonight. the media ramping up to cover the presidential election. >> real change takes more than one term or even one president. i don't know if it will even happen in eight years.
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it might take 12. [ laughter ] frankly, i might be long dead. [ laughter ] maybe you will be dead, too. you hear what i'm saying? >> um, i guess? >> look, we're in a deep financial hole. the numbers are bad. 23 million people out of work. but things are getting better. remember that movie the sixth sense? [ laughter ] i'm like the kid in that movie. [ laughter ] i see employed people. [ laughter ] i know you don't see them, don't even know they are there. [ laughter ] but one day all of you will be bruce willis and you will realize that you were employed all along. >> bill: here now geraldo rivera. so all over the place the presidential election is now becoming in the forefront of the entertainment programs. and now in our distracted culture i think that means
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something. what say you? >> you talk about the casual voter. i think the "saturday night live" parody of sarah palin helped destroy the republic chances in 2008. it was so biting, so spot on. the satire was savage but it was nuny. -- funny. done in a loving way. >> bill: it wasn't done in a loving way. they hated her over there and they-jay pharaoh the man you just saw is just brilliant here. is he doing exactly what what's her name did to palin making fun of the core of what they are putting out there. tina fey. what tina fey did was make fun of sarah palin's core in a very, you know, had the accent downenned a the look down. pharaoh is doing the same thing. do you think it's going to have the same effect. >> i don't think the humor is quite as personal. i laughed, sixth sense i thought why in the world did they reach so far back to a movie that's relatively obscure to make the point?
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>> bill: then they explained it. >> they explained it. it was fine, it was funny. when you talk about the casual viewer, there is no doubt but that there are many people who never watch fox news or cnn or msnbc who just don't go. my sons, for example, in their 20's and 30's, they don't do the cable news outfits. >> bill: do they know. >> jon stewart. they know from stephen colbert and they know from. >> bill: would one of your sons come on here with me and i can ask them questions about public policy? >> i think it's a great idea. my son could give you an ed canks. my son gabriel. he said he was ashamed of me because of the travon martin hoody. >> bill: bring your son on. i will give him a quiz how much he does and doesn't know. >> he is an internet nerd. he is a passivist and internet nerd. i don't think you could outsmart him. >> bill: interesting what he knows. interesting you brought this up. new pew study that says 21% of the american population
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regular gli watches us. fox news. now, 21% is about 65 million people. that's far beyond msnbc has got like 10% and cnn is now down to 14% or 15%. >> why are we bragging now? >> we are bragging because even though it's 65 million that regular gli tunes into fox news at some time or another, that's only 21% and the other 79% don't. >> is it not a fact or in your own mind, don't you believe that those people are already committed, concerned voters. >> some of them are but i don't think you can generalize. >> i would bet there is a huge turnout between fox news viewers at the polling place every election day or absentee. >> look, be that as it may, we are talking about people who as you pointed out don't get information. i mean, in the same pew study. nobody reads the newspaper anymore. okay? tv news coverage going down
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the drain. people are getting it from the internet. and the internet has no standards. and they slant -- look, if your main source of news is the huffington post, you don't know anything. >> but that's why these candidates do theview. that's why these candidates do -- >> -- do you think that's smart. >> live with kelly and michael. i think it's a brilliant idea. why? because they are portrayed in such a loving, warm and fuzzy way. ladies of the view obviously with the president of the united states and the first lady but also i thought that mitt romney and ann romney did an excellent job with kelly and michael. it was very personable. very approachable. >> very smart is and i do, too. let me ask you. this i'm going on the view in 10 days. will they treat me in a loving way? am i going to be treating with loving and nurturing. >> whoopi is going to jump you. >> she is looking meaner and meaner out there. i'm going to go on there. >> i think barbara will be there. >> she is always respectful.
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>> elisabeth hasselbeck have one friend in the crowd. >> that's all i need. i'm worried based on the lou dobbs segment before you when 38 members of 8% of the people n the fox news poll say president obama's policies have helped the economy, that's frightening to it me. now, maybe they will. >> see, i don't know why you think. >> right now the data is overwhelmingly negative. >> let me explain why i think the president is polling as as well as is he on issues like the economy. first of all, if you have a job, and if you are doing okay, then the economy is okay for you. >> bill: not many people with median income counsel down $5,000 for the average home, most people are living paycheck to paycheck. >> that has almost always been the case. i mean, it is marginally different and more difficult now. >> bill: at $4 a gallon of gas always been the case? >> here is my main point about the mitt romney tape on entitlements, the 47% who don't pay income tax will never vote for it the 47% or
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whoever they may be, they are, you know, comfortable in the relatively comfortable with the safety net. they are collecting the 99 weeks of unemployment benefits. they are getting food stamps at record -- at a record pace right now. they are essentially. >> bill: they are reflected in the poll. >> in america nobody is really an extremist. if you have a job or, on the other hand, if you are coasting on a 99 week unemployment ride. >> bill: you are going to say those policies are good. >> not so bad. >> bill: see, i'm looking at it from overall health of the nation. not where's mine? that's not what i do. but you are right. in that 38% who feel the policies of the president have helped the economy are a lot of people who are getting stuff. >> who are getting stuff. if you are getting stuff it's okay for you. >> bill: it's not okay for the nation. getting stuff did not build this country. >> i told you we had a bet. >> bill: your father didn't get ahead by getting stuff and north did mine. >> my dad wanted to pay back
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when he went bankrupt. he wanted to he repay the house. i paid it back for him. dow approaches 14,000, no way the president -- >> bill: you will bring in your son? >> i will bring in my son. >> bill: when we come right back, gutfeld and mcguirk have advice for both candidates how to win next week's debate. i sense chaos in the next segment. we'll be right back.
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>> the o'reilly factor. the number one cable news show for 12 years running. >> thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the what the heck just happened segment tonight. we have lots to talk about. as you know president obama and governor romney will meet in denver next wednesday night in a debate that must go romney's way if he wants to win the election. here now some advice for both candidates fox news commentator greg gutfeld greg mcguirk. is he watching, you know that. is he watching right now. give him the advice. put him over the top. >> i would say. this everybody is talking about likability. right? >> yep. >> likability doesn't mean being mr. rogers with a great portfolio. people like toughness. they like aggressiveness. they like a sarcastic whit. desperation time for him and all that likability has got to go by the wayside. he has got to get up in
4:42 am
obama's wish. he has got to break through the die by football. but when you say that he has got to rattle the president. can't be disrespectful to him. how do you do that? how do you go in and rattle -- obama is a pretty cool guy. >> there is a fine line i would agree. on the economy you would say just because he he likes dog meet you have to as well. you know, throw out a line like that. rattle him just a little bit. >> bill: some flamboyant lines to demonstrate the economy is going down the drain or is already down the drain. >> absolutely or call for a moment of silence for the dead ambassador. >> bill: you know he at any time that he uses a flamboyant line, gutfeld knows this really well. >> yes. >> he is going to be to be accused of being a racist. if you bring dog meat in somehow that's going to be tied into. >> they used dog meat. be honest.
4:43 am
stupid pop culture question. do you like snooki? be honest you wouldn't let her clean the toilet bottles -- bowls at bain capital. they would like that they would like you. that's likability right there. >> go after snooki. she is an american hero. >> bill: okay. gutfeld maybe in your world where people wear ties like do you. >> every time i'm here you know my mom is mad at you. >> bill: your mother is mad at you? >> because you keep going after my ties. my mother buys my ties for me. >> bill: is that goodwill? is that where she is? >> you are a terrible man. >> bill: everyone knows that your job, gutfeld, is to advise the president on what he should do in response to mcguirk saying and i believe that's going to happen by the way. >> bill: i think mitt romney is going to try to take it to the president and he he does? >> president obama needs somebody like me, the married middle aged dude has unicorn
4:44 am
pajamas. the guy who isn't interested in getting anything free. president obama enough with fluke. stop going on "the view." stop by monday night football. no more vacations. be a guy. we want a president. we don't want a camp counselor. >> bill: you want the president to come out in l.l. l.l.bean outfit with a hat and a rod. that's your advice to me. >> no that would be goofy. disown all the wackoes in his party. you are asking me what he should do. >> bill: this isn't red eye at 3:00 in the morning where people have no idea what you are talking about. mcguirk, to his credit,. >> that ain't right. >> bill: took realistic approach to this. >> you are asking me what he should do. >> bill: i'm asking you and so far you said he should go fishing and throw sandra fluke under a train. neither of that is going to happen. he should reject room to tomb benefits. >> bill: he is not going to do
4:45 am
that. >> you are asking what he should do. >> he is going to reject everything that he said for the past three and a half years? i was just kidding. i'm for free markets. i'm for free minds. i think america is awesome. everything i ever believed in was a mistake. occupy wall street that was me. that's not me anymore. i'm sorry, take me back, america. >> bill: it's my fault for giving gutfeld a serious topic to talk about. >> i've had it with you. >> bill: i'm the governor and i'm going to take mcguirk's advice, all right? listen, with all due respect mr. president you have no blanking idea what you are doing in the economy and people are going to get hurt. they are getting hurt. median income down 5,000. 106% rise in gas prices and you don't know what to do and you say to me? >> he is going to talk about these invisible but created jobs. he will bring that up. and he will also bring up saving the auto industry. because that's all he has got.
4:46 am
>> bill: doing all right with saving the auto industry. >> gas might be high but you couldn't have a car if i didn't say -- that might be a good transition. >> i would say to mitt romney stay away from words and topics like see sequestration and solyndra. trying to appeal to these independent common denominator nit wits as i said. the dummy sucking down bud lights cheese doodle stained fingers is going to slip into a coma. you are going to lose him. >> bill: a bunch of colorful language. >> must use colorful and couple of cheap shots. don't grab and throw it at the president got to get down in the gutter. >> i'm not suggesting grab a prayer rug. >> bill: take a break and bring in some kind of security. then we're going to have samuel l. jackson and conan o'brien. they said outrageous things. play both and let mcguirk and
4:47 am
gutfeld loose on them in just a few moments.
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>> bill: back ever the book segment tonight. actor samuel l. jackson. good actor. big obama fan has read a poem in support of the president. sorry my friend no time to snore. out-of-touch millionaire has just began war on schools, environment, unions and fair pay. we are all on our own if romney has his way. he is against safety nets, if you fall, tough luck. so i strongly suggest that you wake the [bleep] up. >> bill: oh. now number one we all should have hats like that. i didn't think of that should i should have. what do you think of that preparation.
4:51 am
that's designed to sway hearts and minds. >> this is how the left works. they are dishonest. everything he said was not true but it was charming, and what it is is politics in hollywood is a high school. you have got to vote for the cool kid. if you are not cool they come after you. >> you went to high school in, what, beverly hills or something? >> sarah high school. home of tom brady and barry bonds and greg gutfeld. >> jackson, is he a pretty smart guy, jackson. he is a militant, i believe. certainly loves president president is this it an effective ad. >> certainly not. l stands for loud mouth. this ad is offensive. he is cursing in front of children in this ad which is very bad. some guy came into your house like that and you would go up side his dome piece. get the f out of my house. how about that? >> bill: how did he get in the house. >> he knocked on the door and said i'm samuel l. jackson and they let him in. by saying you don't like that
4:52 am
you are a republic. that's the whole point. >> i used to like samuel l. jackson. that's about as effective asthma donna endorsing obama. >> as a black muslim. that was effective earlier this week madonna calling -- conan o'brien? i think is he an obama supporter. would you both agree with that? >> not sure. i have never seen him make a political statement. >> bill: all right. here is what he says. go. >> someone asked is it unfair to assume that mitt romney may fail the middle class when statistically speaking they would argue that your administration is failing the middle class. how do you respond to that? >> who the hell is elisabeth hasselbeck? ask the president a question. >> i don't know. >> she won a reality show -- she didn't even win. she was like fifth. >> she was on survivor. >> on survivor. hey, leader of the free world, answer this -- [ laughter ] i'm serious.
4:53 am
that seems crazy to me so whoopi and joy behar can ask all the questionings they want. but when elisabeth hasselbeck asks one. >> that's real cutting edge stuff going after elisabeth hasselbeck, whoa. people are always saying it's tough. impossible to make fun of president obama on "the view." instead he goes after -- president obama on that thing he came off as an emasculated wimp with the eye candy stuff and tucking the wife in bed. >> bill: only guy on the whole panel. what else could he do? >> he didn't have to do that. >> bill: chew tobacco? >> the point is that conan o'brien could have used that as an opportunity to mock him. >> bill: you say, gutfeld about that whole exposition? >> i have no comment. no. "the view" is a bottomless pit with spikes at the bottom. quite possibly the worse place in the world. >> bill: i'm going there in 10 days, come on. >> good luck. wear some padding. the fact is what you are see
4:54 am
something a cocktail party. whenever a conservative is in a cocktail party and they say anything it's like breaking wind. everybody looks at you and snorts. and it was an easy jab at her. and it's true. she was speaking truth to power and he was making fun of it. >> bill: do you think it was done for ideological reasons or just comedic reasons? >> it was comedic. it was funny the way she read it i get it if it was a left wing person questioning bush that never would have happened. >> bill: you don't think that o'brien has an ideological bent? >> i don't think he takes politics seriously. i have seen him talk about moral issues and he is pretty strong on that stuff. >> he just displayed he has ideological sense right there. i don't watch it that much. he has a lot in common with david letterman. >> you are just getting up when he goes on. all right, gentlemen, thanks very much. what the heck just happened there? >> who knows. >> bill: factor tip of the day. the great investment for you. i have a great investment for you. the tip 60 seconds away.
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>> bill: factor tip of the day in a moment. first the mail. san ramon, california. mr. o'reilly, the gist of your talking points was that if the president wins the voters are dumb. no, no, no. if the president wins, i expect the exit pollsters will ask why folks once again voted for hope. mr. obama's economic record is poor. that's a fact. marilyn, orlando, florida. we are voting for romney, but agree he must show more compassion for people like us who have been injured financially. sherry clark, mississippi, your awareness of many americans is
4:57 am
spot on. i compare us to rome under nero. everett, harrisburg, arkansas. mr. o, i'd like your opinion on how romney can win the debates. at this point many voters understand the liberal press will spin things the president's with a no matter happens. the conservative outlets will doing the same thing with the governor, but seeing things with their own eyes will persuade folks one way or the. matthew, tennessee. i'm 9-year-old. my mother took me to buy "lincoln's last day." i'm already at page 61 and like it. will there be a kid's book like "killing kennedy"? there may be. keep reading. that's the best thing you can do for your mind. "killing kennedy" comes out next week. sign up for a premium membership and you can a get book. your choice, book or audio, whatever you want.
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great deal. john, melbourne, australia. our family just got a setter, named it o'reilly, and its bark is worth than its bite. byron, jupiter, florida. bill, when are you coming to florida with miller? i don't think miller is allowed in the state. a lone will make my only pre-election live appearance in the country at the hard rock hotel in broward county on friday, october 26th. we'll be talking the presidential election there. now miller and i together will be in vegas, houston, and salt lake city after the election, details on danny,connecticut,iusedtowatchth enationalnewscasteverynight. todayigetmynews
4:59 am
finally, tonight the factor tip of the day. in our lifetimes there will be no better time than to buy a home than right now. mortgage rates incredibly low. so if you want to buy a house, and you got some cash, get moving. this is the time. factor tip of the day. that is for us tonight. please check out the fox news website, different than spout off about the factor anywhere in the world. >> neil: ,. >> neil: name and town, name and town, name and town. word of the day, don't be terse when writing to "the factor."


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